Your blood drool attracts the flies

a set of two icons for Ettie. Very fun to line and colour. I absolutely love this character’s design.

Thanks so much for commissioning me! I look forward to doing more work for you in the future once school is not quite so hectic!

making my first ever character and rig from scratch!

his name is Stan the Stork and he’s a train conductor.

base modeling in t-pose and a turnaround i did for reference in about 30 minutes otl

second of two commissions for Hitsugaya on Flight Rising, of her badass lady, Lia holding a gorgeous melanistic fox.

i did a wee bit of extra shading to make up for the fact that it’s so late. thank you so much for your patience, I hope you like it! 

my day of packing is done, moving in is going to be tomorrow. I’d like to try to get these icons done tomorrow night if I can!

So to business:

the 3/4 jaw worked much better in the roaring pic, my goodness is it a challenge, though!

the shape of her nose is a bit difficult for me, to get that beaky shape with more square lines, so that’s what I really need guidance on. I made it longer, but should it be thicker? More importantly, how much does it curve over the bottom jaw: hardly, like a muzzle, or quite a bit, like a raptor?

On the roaring icon, this angle lends well for seeing the fleshy inside the split mouth, but not for seeing the third row of travelling teeth and I still wanted to be able to show them, so i moved them more to the side alongside and around the halfway mark of the tongue. On the near-side of the mouth, it just looks like more canines, but on the smaller ones closer to the tongue, I was basing those off some human incisors.

I’ll modify the teeth size to fit inside the mouth a little better once I get some word on that nose shape. <3

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to my dear clients:

packing for school is quite hectic, i leave Saturday. I am working, albeit slowly and amidst boxes of my folded finery.

I will get more progress shots to you tomorrow evening!

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Commission WIPs. Very busy getting ready to go back to school this weekend, but I’d like to post something to show I AM making progress, albeit slow progress. y’all are so patient with me, thank you <3

1. Lineart almost done for Lukee, gotta finish up the jetpack and then i can colour. 

2. Sketch for Hitsugaya, lineart to come

3. 2 icons for Ettie: first, “concerned” sketch has a composition that i’d like to keep. the second is….okay i suppose, but I can do better. the side view composition doesn’t show off how freaking awesome this character’s jaws are. I’m gonna see if I can do a 3/4. 

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i hear them calling for my head

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2 of 2 portrait commissions for for Jubilance on Flight Rising!

From left to right, Kellian belongs to Captain Chai on tumblr and Percival belongs to Jubilance.

Super fun to do. Thanks for commissioning me!

icon commission for flight rising user Paleo of his gryphon character, Spadel.

thanks very much for commissioning me! the fullbody of this awesome dude will be coming soon.

1/2 flat coloured commissions for Flight Rising user Hitsugaya

what a neat character to draw!