Your blood drool attracts the flies

RIGs and assets previews.


progress on Stan the Stork!

I still gotta fix up his hands a little, add his bowtie, do some more detail on his hat and beak. But man. The PROGRESS.

shitty sketch

3D ball bounce~!

slowly but surely

i rEALLY needed the class today. My face topology was fucking insanity. 

my prof went over how to fix it, didn’t record the changes she made, but took a screenshot of the changed topology so I can follow it when I do my revisions. I have absolutely nothing more to worry about and that feels REALLY nice.



come watch my friend draw stuff! He’s awesome and there will be rockin tunes and he might even do some requests, it’s a real party~!

the back of my business card for class.

this design will be very important later.

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Babe, there’s something lonesome about you
Something so wholesome about you
Get closer to me.

felt blue, so i had to get the blue outta my system.

storyboards so far for semester film. Got three more pages to do right quick. I’ll add them on to this post.

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sketches and notes for Stan

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