Your blood drool attracts the flies


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gijinka commission for Drachenschwinge on Flight Rising. With background and transparent if you want to put that in your dragon description, m8. 

Here’s the dragon I had as reference:

what a pretty guy!

commission for Lukee on Flight Rising of their fursona, Pirate with shading and a green glow

with and without a transparent bg. Just for reasons. I can’t remember whether you said you wanted that or not, so I just did it. Took five seconds.

Either way, both versions are for you!

more attrition. I love this furry fuck.

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#attrition #horrido

WIP for Lukee on Flight Rising

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au jallal

those tattoos are mostly placeholders. i’m still figuring out what his are.

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some stuff i’ve used as warmups.

OCs Erich Galbraith, Attrition, and Giles Stamford.

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commission wips

first for Drachenschwinge on FR

second for Sky665 on FR

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coloured sketch commission for Maakaaraa of her wonderful OCs

Man i had fun with this. Getting to draw lovely ladies in flower crowns? More like hell yeah. 

Thanks so much for commissioning me!

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#commission #maakaaraa

icon commission for Apparition on Flight Rising