Your blood drool attracts the flies

some stuff i’ve used as warmups.

OCs Erich Galbraith, Attrition, and Giles Stamford.

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commission wips

first for Drachenschwinge on FR

second for Sky665 on FR

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coloured sketch commission for Maakaaraa of her wonderful OCs

Man i had fun with this. Getting to draw lovely ladies in flower crowns? More like hell yeah. 

Thanks so much for commissioning me!

icon commission for Apparition on Flight Rising

1 of 2 drawings for Apparition on Flight Rising of her character Joceline. 

This lady wolf needs more love! What a neat design.

Ashwynn and Dogmeat are done have sketches for Apparition’s 2 pieces, but tomorrow night I do the cash commission for Maakaara!

So I’m ridding all your stories
What I know, what it is, is pouring – wire it up!

You’re breaking your ground

Erich and Bryce, two of my OCs from my Horrido story tag. 

Bryce’ll be fiiiiiine.

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commission for Dogmeat on Flight Rising.

What a cute doge

commission for Ashwynn on Flight Rising of her Grounder OC

She gave me 100% freedom with his armour design. After watching a few episodes of the show, I hope I did him justice!

next on my commission list is definitely Ashwynn, who has been very patient. I have been putting off drawing that armour for too long lol

no more

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